Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Roger M. Bundy graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Cleveland State University's Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. The school has a proud heritage, with its alumni and alumnae having served for decades in prominent positions in law firms, the judiciary, government and business. Cleveland-Marshall College of Law gave Roger a foundation in all of the fundamental areas of law, while also training him to be a strong advocate for his clients.

Prior to earning his law degree, Roger served as a Development Assistant, and then the Development Officer with Eliza Jennings. Eliza Jennings is a nonprofit organization that offers a range of services for older adults. As Development Officer, Roger was responsible for all facets of the organization's fundraising programs, including annual giving, major gifts, planned giving and a variety of fundraising events.

Upon the recommendation and encouragement of the President and CEO of Eliza Jennings, an attorney and former partner at the law firm of Calfee Halter, Roger left this position to attend law school in the fall of 1998.

Upon graduation, Roger obtained a position with the Cleveland law firm of Seaman Garson, LLC. On behalf of the firm, Roger assisted other firm attorneys in Motion and Appellate Practice regarding complex commercial insurance policy litigation resulting from the Ohio Supreme Court decision in a case known as Scott-Pontzer. Roger achieved an expertise in this area that assisted the firm's clients in obtaining additional compensation for personal injuries through their employer's commercial automobile insurance policies.

Roger left Seaman Garson to expand his legal practice to areas beyond personal injury and to serve clients in a more convenient location. Roger felt it was important to represent people both in his own neighborhood and beyond, from a location close to home. Today, Roger is best known for his work in the areas of bankruptcy and domestic relations.

He is meticulous in preparing accurate bankruptcy cases. Roger is thoroughly prepared for the client's examination by the Bankruptcy Trustee, meaning the client has a smooth and pleasant experience during the examination.

Roger also has a knack for identifying the most appropriate strategy in domestic relations cases (whether it be divorce, dissolution, custody, support, etc.) to achieve the best outcome for the client with the least expense, time and anguish. Roger takes the time to counsel client's through these difficult cases, putting them at ease and helping them adjust to significant life changing events. For Roger, it is rewarding to assist people through the traumatic event of a divorce or dissolution and help them find a new normal.

Roger's clients describe him as caring, thorough, well-prepared, thoughtful, prompt and a good teacher. He makes time in his case load to volunteer as a pro bono attorney with the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. For Roger, it's not simply about a client's case. He truly cares about each client, their overall legal, emotional, and physical health. Unlike 'TV lawyers' you might see advertising again and again, Roger's focus is on taking care of clients in a way that they will want to do business with him again and refer their friends and family.

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