I want to personally THANK YOU Mr. Bundy for helping out my brother and the family issues. They are far happier and things look to be NORMAL again :-). I also want to thank you for getting my friend through these trying financial times. When I spoke to him last year he was in a constant state of depression. Now when I call him he is a totally different person. Keep it up, the world needs more people like you.


I am very grateful to have found Mr.Bundy, my experience was wonderful. I trusted him from the first time we meet and my instincts prevailed. I told him what I wanted and needed and he got me so much more, things that I was unaware of he brought to my attention, Roger and his staff certainly did there home work! I have an Attorney for life
Forever grateful, Rebecca (formerly Mihok)


Roger Bundy was referred to our family by another Ohio attorney who had recently retired. Our debt settlement case was over 6 years old when we hired him in 2019. Since we reside in New York State, all of our communication was either over the telephone or via "Mycase" email. I especially liked this case management email software! It is a more secure, efficient method of communicating with your attorney, including your email "conversation" history. He (and his Assistant), were very easy to work with, which was especially important working long distance. He kept me up-to-date on every aspect of our settlement case and was also able to negotiate a lower settlement amount for paying our debt in full. We are truly thankful for Mr. Bundy's expertise and experience in his field and his ability to successfully settle our case in a timely manner. I highly recommend this very competent attorney!


As a result of a massive stroke, my husband became totally disabled, and the 'normal' trajectory of our lives was shattered. Our financial situation quickly became beyond precarious and everything just totally overwhelming. I had retained an elder care lawyer for help resolving issues concerning my husband's welfare. She then referred me to Roger Bundy to use for our debt situation. What a blessing!!
Roger worked diligently to have two credit card lawsuits dismissed, have one credit card file closed for hardship by the collection agency and have a disability discharge granted for a couple of student loans.
Considering the circumstances, or in spite of them, I found my experience dealing with Roger to have been incredibly positive. He is very knowledgeable, patient and willing to answer all questions and concerns. Roger always did what he said he would and I was always kept informed of progress and developments. Professionally, I think Roger is an expert lawyer and very proficient at what he does. Personally, I think he is a good,kind, ethical man. I very strongly recommend retaining Roger Bundy to anyone needing assistance in his areas of expertise.


I interviewed several attorneys before selecting an attorney to represent me in a hearing that my ex-wife initiated for a child support modification. The first attorney I selected represented me for one court appearance and then promptly resigned due to a previous commitment but not without exhausting my retainer (actually attempted to bill me more). I went back through my list of attorneys and contacted Mr Bundy. He took my case seriously and was honest. He made no promises about the outcome. When we arrived for a hearing, it gave me comfort that everyone (clerk, magistrate, and other attorneys) actually knew him. He settled the case within an hour. His billing (no retainer this time) was straightforward and fair. His online communication and billing system is a plus as well.


I have referred Roger to several of my closest friends and family members. Every time he has taken the best care of them no matter the situation. Each person has personally called me to thank me for referring them to Roger. They each said how kind he was and that he was hands down the best attorney they have ever worked with. Thank you Roger for taking such great care of my loved ones.


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